School Should Start Later Persuasive Essay

School Should Start Later Persuasive Essay-90
Students need a recommended eight and a half to nine and a half hours to properly function (Richmond).This is why school should start no earlier than 9 AM. For instance, sunlight and temperature are two big factors.Although parents oppose to some aspects, there will always be an uncomplicated solution.

Lack of sleep to our teenage brain is a big deal; less sleep can limit our brain development.

Our bodies naturally wake up later, we are more alert then.

Not only does it allow time for our body’s to naturally wake up but also allows us to stay in rhythm with ourselves.

Students could also easily correct the amount of sleep debt that has been piling on.

Some parents would be anxious that after school activities would run later that usual and interfere with meal times. This would accommodate for the adjusted meal times, so they could potentially stay on track.

As for after school activities, as most know there is normally a busing system for school, so parents would know their child has a ride.Some parents are concerned with the transportation issues, after school activities, and adjusted meal times.Students who get rides from their parents in the morning may believe they would experience problems.Did you know that 2017's budget is .4 billion dollars in discresionary funding, and 9.7 billion in mandatory f... Kindergarten is a tough year for most parents and nearly all children. It is a well-known fact that you can go abroad for a year in university or college and, in fact, a lot of people do do that. High school seniors are dressed head to toe in their favorite state school merch, just to drop out a mere two months later. Our body clocks, more formally known as our circadian rhythm, is a cycle tied to our physiological processes. When one’s body clock is disturbed there is an increase in chance for mood disorders, and even obesity.Teenagers who get more rest feel more alert in the evening.The recommended amount of sleep for middle school and high school students is between eight and a half and nine and a half hours (Richmond).If only 27 percent of students are getting more than eight hours of sleep, something is definitely off.The later starts to school have also had a positive impact on the academic performances as well as the athletic performances (Mac Millan).All things considered, it is really in our best interest and health to start school later.


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