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I have besides warmed up to the new academic agenda which is rather different from what was used in high school.I have made new friends from diverse civilizations and backgrounds which has enlightened me and helped me to spread out my position in the universe. com/difference-between-school-life-and-college-life/ # ixzz2K7Fu Wma G Read more: hypertext transfer protocol: // com/difference-between-school-life-and-college-life/ # ixzz2K7MYq Vvk A Report on High School Life and College Life Essay Sample.

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Different timetable Timetable from high school and college is different. The timetable in high school is changeless ; while the timetable in college is flexible. work load and instruction system are precisely wholly that my instructors have talked about all through high school.

Sometimes there is one or two hours of break clip before another category start. That is non to state that I’m happening it easy as college pupil. That besides applies to run intoing the deadlines for assignments and undertakings. my experience as a college pupil has been life altering.

I have to have on unvarying to school every twenty-four hours. Slipper and short bloomerss are non allowed in Inti College which is really easy to be follow. The school establishes category agenda to make full up most of the times of school yearss.

I am non allowed to go to school if I am have oning insouciant wear to school. I can have on any jerseies I like to school every twenty-four hours. There is merely half an hr of interruption clip to rest.

College life is disputing for new pupils after they graduate from high school. Unlike in high school there are fewer regulations to assist or steer my academic advancement.

I study in Al-Amal National School as secondary school. My household decided to direct me to analyze abroad in Malaysia for higher instruction.

In this phase pupils decidedly will see different alteration in their milieus. I get to do determinations by myself which I need to larn to be independent in my life.

In this chapter pupils possibly analyze abroad or place state surveies. 3Current Experience As a college pupil analyze off from place.

In summer, we sat and talked in the shade of a tree. After a month’s search, I found a place in a school. Students, teachers and even officials liked me for my laborious and friendly conducts.

I passed the intermediate level and then joined the bachelor level. I am also very happy to think that 1 shall be able to teach later the college students much confidently because of my teaching experience. A student is free from the cares and anxieties of his family. Besides textbook knowledge, they learn discipline, punctuality, regularity, co-operation, etc.


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