Scarlet Letter Morality Essay

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Metaphors and similes also abound and most of them are "fresh and effective." Dramatic irony is also present and this arises from the theme of secret sin and concealment.

One other literary device Hawthorne uses is called the "multiple choice" technique.

Then he goes to work to find him out, and he finds him out.

Then he does punish him with a vengeance and brings him to death, -- does it by the old man finds out and declares his intention to accompany them in their flight.

But no one else in Boston knows that they are man and wife.

Then they meet, and she refuses to tell him who has been her fellow sinner. She will bear her doom and acknowledge its justice, but to no one will she tell the name of him who is the father the baby [Pearl].

When we speak of "ethical" and "moral" values, what do we mean?

Arthur Holmes explains that "ethics is about the good (that is, what values and virtues we should cultivate) and about the right (that is, what our moral duties may be) (Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions 10).

Then she has sinned, and the partner of her sin, though not of her punishment, is [Arthur Dimmesdale] the young minister of the church to which she is attached.

It is her doom to wear the Scarlet Letter, the A, always worked on her dress, --always there on her bosom, to be seen of all men.


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