Saya Robot - Developed In Tokyo Essay

In a robot system, all the above five components are interfaced properly so that each component can work in a co-coordinated fashion for the effective and efficient functioning of the robot.

This relieves the human beings from doing such hazardous tasks.

(4) Fire fighting and mining: Robots can perform hazardous works like fire fighting to extinguish the fire and in mining operations.

Nevertheless, there’s still no concrete definition for robots that has been accepted by all. Robots that are able to do such are the more complex ones, like Honda’s ASIMO robot. When the human body dies, it will no longer come back to life, as opposed to robots that can easily be repaired.

Some robots can even do far more complex cognitive operations, like sensing its environment and being able to navigate itself using a certain guide, as shown in driverless cars. Although robots are said to show complex processes or operations, humans are far more advanced, in the sense that they have a highly developed brain that no robot has ever matched up to. Humans are far more complex and superior to robots in almost all aspects. Humans are highly social beings compared to robots. You agree that we have no liability for any damages.

This feature that a robot can be reprogrammed makes the robot a flexible device.

Hence, manufacturing systems which use robots are called flexible manufacturing system (FMS) due to this flexibility.Sensors are measuring instruments that measure quantities such as position, velocity, force, torque, proximity, temperature etc.Though robots are used widely in industries but they are also popular in other fields like agriculture, nuclear energy, fire fighting, mining, undersea exploration, space exploration, medical applications etc.For example, a robot that is designed to play ping pong will really move like a ping pong player, compared to a robot that is just used for plain surgical operations.‘Robot’ is also a word that refers to the sum of all the groups of robots, comprised of the physical robots and the virtual robots (as in software). However, many experts of technology and Science have agreed that for a robot to be called such, it must exhibit at least one intelligent movement.However, a robot can be reprogrammed to perform even when specifications are changed drastically.The original programme is simply erased and the new programme takes care of the changed tasks.Hence robotics involves a scientific study of robots.The study includes design, selections of materials of proper quality for the components, fabrication, study of various motors required for moving the components, design of electronic circuits, computers and computer programming and control of robots.(1) Industries: Use of robots in industries are very common because they can offer reduced cost of production, increase productivity, improve production quality, and can operate hazardous and hostile environment.Robots, at industries are classified according to the type of work they perform like Pick- and place robots, point-to-point robots, assembly robots etc.


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