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I don’t know how you satirize something that is already seemingly if terrifyingly satirical.I’ve also been thinking about something the show runner recently said about how Trump is ruining comedy, that they’ve had to pull jokes on the HBO series.

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The show runner was talking about the character Selina Meyer, and said, “what we used to do was sort of like funny incompetence and this [Trump] is just sort of sad, scary incompetence.” Well, how do you? I mean, of course, one day the story of what I call the “HELLECTION ’16” will be told, Oh, it’ll yield fictional and nonfictional books—consider all the essays that have been written, the essays already placing this into historical context—HBO series, a prime time sitcom, so many dramas, so many comedies. I am almost wistful reminiscing about the days when I thought Sarah Palin was too outrageous to be real, then Michele Bachmann, and look how far we’ve come… I swear, if I were reviewing this story that is this HELLECTION ’16, I’d have flagged so many parts of this narrative as being too ridiculous even for satire, too on the nose, too… We have a lot on our vagenda to cover here, so many different places to take this conversation, but before I go on any more sad-sack tangents…

I wonder, do you think there is room for satire when you’re living in the thick of it?

Use mockery, satire, skillful language plus proof to amplify your subject.

We asked writers Kera Bolonik and Kate Tuttle to talk about the increasing difficulty of satire in the age of Donald Trump.

Some of the best writing these days pushes up against the boundaries that once divided genres—Claudia Rankine blending poetry and essay in but those books resonate because they are, above all, true.

There’s a difference between truth and lies (not truth and fiction—good fiction is true in its way).Wasn’t it just a few years ago that all the big think-pieces were about the end of irony and how we were ready to re-engage with sincerity?I think all those arguments feel sort of silly now, or just beside the point.Anyway, the election is just a week away, and I feel too inside of it to wedge a distance from it and consider satire right now.Last week, when the numbers looked a little more secure, I was a little more relaxed, anticipating the moment when we could all laugh about how ludicrous this 18-month circus has been.Happily, they touched on that, and so much more of what’s facing America, regardless of tomorrow’s election results.Hi Kate, I think, after FBI Director James Comey’s letter last Friday, that we are in a similar frame of mind—and the morning is too early to reach for the wine, but I’m sure it’s happy hour somewhere.But the mere possibility of a Trump presidency is genuinely terrifying and panic-inducing—and as a woman, a gay person, a Jew, and, like you, the mother of a black son, it’s hard to find the humor in it though I’m sure we will because that’s how we manage to retain our sanity and humanity.I often think, when this is all over, of the innumerable ways this horrendous chapter in American history will be recounted in nonfiction and fiction.Composing a satire paper is all about comprehending your readers of choice and framing it in a way that appears appealing to your readers.A satire paper connects to a scholar´s attention if its beginning is entertaining.


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