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Don’t worry if some of the articles you come across seem long.

That organization is key.” If you haven’t been taught specific rhetorical devices — AP students tend to be at an advantage here — ask your English teacher for a list or “You have 50 minutes to write this essay, but you’re not expected to write for that entire period,” Fracchia points out.

“You should set out to spend 15 to 20 minutes reading and planning your essay.” Burns agrees, “Outlining what you’re going to say in each paragraph is helpful, because then you know what you’re working toward.” So far as length, think back to the sample essays you read.

You’re given 50 minutes to complete this assignment following the required sections of the test., it’s worth opting in if you’re a strong writer or any schools on your list recommend completing the essay.

“I’ve learned that when schools say ‘recommended,’ it’s best to read that as ‘required,’” she says. “I wouldn’t recommend it to practice your writing,” she adds.

Analysis means you need to pay attention to the different ways authors build their arguments. That’s why the new SAT likes to use , or opinion-based articles, for essay prompts. Some hot-button issues that might show up in editorial form on the new SAT include articles on the effects of natural disasters, college athlete compensation, and the problem of distractions in a digital age.

I bet you weren’t expected to see in that list, were you!

Remember, the new SAT uses articles from all kinds of publications.

Once you check out the articles linked here, browse around those publication websites!

It’s just looking for how you analyze the rhetorical devices used in the article.” Ultimately, Burns scored well responding to a passage about minimum wage, a topic on which she hardly considers herself an expert.

Most important, Fracchia says, is to follow a set essay structure and have a toolbox of rhetorical devices (think: anecdotes, similes or pathos) at the ready.


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