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“The Problem We All Live With” Ruby was refused by all teachers except one, Mrs. Henry was excluded by the other teachers because she decided to have dealings with a black child.I cannot begin to imagine what courage it took for Mrs. RB: I was really, really excited about meeting her again because she [was] a very important part of my life that had been missing for a long time.”[ii] The first year of Ruby’s integrated school year was over and many terrible things had happened.Below is the interview conducted in which Ruby Bridges speaks about her feelings, first day, and teacher, Mrs. “Kaelin Ray: How does it feel to know that youare a part of U. KR: What gave you the courage to go to school every day? The purpose of this foundation is to try and erase all forms of racism.

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The face of hatred is all the more terrifying when it belongs to someone we might know.

To watch “Ruby Bridges,” a story about desegregating New Orleans schools in 1960, is to look unblinkingly into that face--and to weep.

The 6-year-old title character, selected as one of the first African Americans to attend a white school, is escorted by federal marshals each morning past a throng of shouting, fist-waving protesters: clean-cut young men who are red with rage, an ordinary-looking mother who screams that she’s going to hang or poison Ruby, a grandmother who holds an effigy of a black child in a coffin.

Youths can learn a lot from this “Wonderful World of Disney” presentation Sunday on ABC, particularly if parents are ready and willing to discuss it with them afterward. This movie is, at times, very, very difficult to watch, but we all would do well to remember what prejudice can make us capable of--and what overcoming it can achieve. In the best tradition of movie-making, “Ruby Bridges"--which is based on actual events--is an exhilarating tale of strength, perseverance, love and faith.

Ruby also received the Presidential Citizens medal and in 2006 a new elementary school was erected in honor of Ruby in Alameda, California.

Also, in 2007 the Indianapolis Children’s Museum opened an exhibit commemorating the life of Ruby Bridges along with a few others.[iv] The legacy of Ruby Bridges is one of tremendous bravery and courage of such a young child facing such a big challenge fearless with all odds stacked against not only her, but her family and many other African Americans during the time.I found this picture in an article written by Chris Rose.The picture below is one of the most famous pictures ever to deal with the Civil Rights Movement.But that simple act by one small girl played an important part in the Civil Rights Movement. Ruby was born on September 8, 1954 in Tylertown, Mississippi.A year later, her family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.Henry to stand up and take on the challenge of not only teaching Ruby, but knowing by taking on that challenge that she would be excluded and still took on helping Ruby develop her education. My mother was really happy about [my] being able to attend that school. KR: What was your first day at William Frantz Public School like? KR: How did your teacher, Barbara Henry, help you that year? Henry was one of the nicest teachers I ever had, and she made school fun for me. Her father lost his job, her grandparents, sharecroppers, who lived in Mississippi, was kicked off the land, and the Bridges family in general received death threats.Kaelin Ray, a student reporter for , interviewed Ruby on November 8, 2010 to remember the life changing event that Ruby’s first day of school had on her and many other African Americans. RB: My first day I spent sitting in the principal’s office, so it was very confusing. However, the black community gave her father a job and helped the family through the harsh times.[iii] Robert Coles, Ruby’s psychiatrist at William Frantz, would meet with Ruby once a week and later on in his life he wrote a book called, Ruby Bridges Hall still lives in New Orleans today and is the Chair of the Ruby Bridges Foundation.I feel that Bridges is an outstanding role model for all of us, black or white, to stand up without fear and take on the world and make a difference.19th Amendment 1920s 1930s 1950s 1960s 1970s African-American Alice Wilson Anne Braden Audrey Grevious Brown v.As written by Toni Ann Johnson and directed by Euzhan Palcy (who made the feature film “A Dry White Season”), it is also blessed with complex and, for the most part, balanced portrayals; even the seemingly good characters tend to have ulterior motives or unacknowledged prejudices.As Ruby, young Chaz Monet presents a preternaturally calm exterior, which almost--but not quite--masks the many fears racing through her mind. “She’s just a little girl; how can we put her through that?


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