Romeo And Juliet Characterization Essay

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The catalyst, Mercutio, is ironically a member of neither family.It is the day after the Capulet ball, and he, always ready to cause trouble, is hanging around the Verona streets with Benvolio and other Montague men.Tybalt wants to restore his offended honour publicly.

This symbolises the connection and affection between them.In his exploration of their friendship, Shakespeare depicts them as intimate and friendly.Here, Benvolio draws on this intimacy to influence Mercutio.His reasoning illustrates his ability to predict Mercutio’s likely response.Shakespeare shows him deliberately placing the potential blame elsewhere to avoid incensing the unpredictable Mercutio.Shakespeare presents him as instinctively aware of the tension and his reasonable voice worryingly foreshadows what is to come.He knows from experience how easily trouble can break out and clearly fears the consequences: In this example Shakespeare avoids forceful language.Here, Shakespeare reinforces the conflict as unavoidable through Benvolio’s authoritative negative modal, ‘shall not’.However, in this well-judged warning Benvolio hints at what the audience suspects: Mercutio’s presence makes the probability of ‘scap[ing] a brawl’ unlikely.Shakespeare emphasises the danger of Mercutio’s unpredictable (or mercurial) personality and status through Benvolio’s deliberately tactful and diplomatic words.Interestingly, Shakespeare presents Tybalt as uncharacteristically wary in this scene.


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