Robert Gray Poetry Essay

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and by making this he begins to hold a better apprehension of them. in Late Ferry the talker is watching the death of heat associated with earlier times.

by looking at a ferry go forthing port and embarking into the unknown.

‘Waiting for my father, after pubs had closed’ he uses emotive language to put emphasis on the ‘waiting’ in his quote which shows how often his mum waited for his father even though he would come home drunk often.

This has impacted Grays whole life due to his dads drinking problem. ‘It was as though there were two of her, a harassed person, and a calm’ this quote highlights his mother’s complex personality along with the paradox of harassed and calm person also shows this.

Small as mouse prints “the quote highlights the flowers’ insignificance while emphasising the mother’s determination.

Through this discovery he was able to realise that his mum may not always be there for him she will always be caring and will do what has to be done given she has time.

Grey uses the thought of the diptych ( the two panels joined together by a flexible joint or clasp and linked through a common thought or subject ) as the inspiration for the signifier.

The consequence of this is to show the portrayals of both his parents individually and to compare and contrast his feelings towards both of them.

Gray easy begins to understand his mother’s attitude was merely her manner of demoing her incorruptible attention for him.

This leads him to detect that his female parent was making the best she could for him.


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