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Length: 4 weeks Cost: Sure, you’re a Facebook and Instagram expert—but how about that Twitter account you set up several years ago and haven’t touched since?Did you know you can use that social media platform for your job search and career advancement?Not only will you develop the confidence to approach and speak with others in your field, you’ll learn strategies to ask for someone’s contact information and encourage productive conversation.

This class will cover everything from finding a work-from-home job, to building your resume, to interviewing for this particular type of role.

Length: 14 lectures/ 1.5 hours Cost: $40 Tackling your inbox after some time off can be scary (all over again)—but not if you learn all the tricks to the trade.

Length: 28 lectures/ 1.5 hours Cost: $150 I know, it sounds silly to take a course on time management (I mean, if you’re a parent, you probably can handle a boatload and then some), but it might be nice to get everything in check by learning how to prioritize and organize your work life alongside your personal life.

Length: 2 modules/ 1-2 hours Cost: Free If you’re still making the transition from a stay-at-home parent to a full-time employee, you might be looking for a remote position.

Length: 33 lectures/ 3 hours Cost: $200 Calling all awesome, super mothers out there!

This four-week course covers everything you need to know about joining the working world after having kids—from negotiating benefits and flexible hours to setting career goals and gaining control over your days.

Save up to 80% with Multi-seat Licenses for qualifying e-courses. Product pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

To place an offline order, please call Client Services at 1-800-668-4284 or 905-570-8094.

This course will help slow things down by refreshing your memory on everything you need to know about job hunting.

Big topics include boosting your social media presence and basic networking tips.


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