Resume Cover Letter For Insurance Underwriter

Underwriter job finds application in insurance companies including Health, Life, Banks and other mortgage areas.

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This has enabled me with sufficient theoretical knowledge about accounting and business administration to work as per company requirements.

My extensive experience of four years in Insurance Underwriting has guided me to apply for the aforementioned position.

Regarding educational qualifications, the position of an underwriter does not require a master's degree as such.

However, a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Accounting can help excelling in this arena. Morgan 3869 Elk Street Pomona, CA 91766 United States Contact no: 900-345-198 E Mail Id: [email protected] Mr.

To gauge the financial potentiality of a client in an accurate way, the underwriter has to go through detailed property check of the client.

The underwriter has to keep a track record of the customer's profits and everyday expenditure.

It exhibits features such as good understanding, grasping, analytical skill, decision making, and fluency over languages to deal with different clients, and knowledge about gamut of insurances.

The target of any underwriter is to minimize losses for insurance companies, and help the company in making profit.

He can check the bank accounts of the customer, and acquire information about the property the person holds.

The job of an Underwriter has to deal with insurance brokers and customers buying policies.


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