Research Papers On Education In Black America

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Partially, this is because Latinos are still much less likely to graduate from high school and college than whites, blacks, and Asians, and therefore are less likely to become teachers.

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“Research shows that [teachers of color] hold higher expectations for students of color,” Kisida said.

“We know that expectations matter, and I think holding higher expectations is an active component in the classroom, suggesting, ‘You can do better, and I can challenge you.’” Divergent perceptions of students from separate racial groups can result in divergent assessments of their work and behavior.

Without some proof that academic and professional opportunities are open to them, the theory goes, many will never take even small steps toward social mobility.

The other hypothesis revolves around the power of expectations, and how they differ among racial groups.

Tom Dee, an education professor at Stanford, conducted an experiment that many regard as the groundbreaking study in this field in 2004.

Examining participants in Project STAR — a massive research project in Tennessee looking at the benefits of reducing class sizes — he found that black students who were assigned to a black teacher for at least one year between kindergarten and third grade saw their math scores improve by 3 to 5 percentile points; their reading scores jumped by 3 to 6 percentile points.Researchers offer a few answers, but one involves the “role model effect”: Simply seeing a person who looks like you in a professional setting could make you more likely to attain a higher level of education yourself.“I think the research at this point has been pretty definitively clear that there’s something going on here,” Brian Kisida, a professor of education at the University of Missouri, told The 74.Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.Multiple studies have suggested that white teachers simply have lower expectations of black students than of white students.That may explain why black students are significantly less likely to be referred to gifted programs in the absence of a black teacher — even when their academic work would merit referral.Most existing studies have been conducted in states like North Carolina or Tennessee, which are home to comparatively smaller Latino populations.“It’s a glaring omission for a variety of reasons, especially because that’s the segment of the student population that’s growing the fastest,” Dan Goldhaber, the director of the Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER), told The 74.White students also enjoyed advantages from studying under same-race teachers, though boys were more affected than girls.A 2015 report by researchers Anna Egalite, Brian Kisida, and Marcus Winters produced similar findings.


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