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There are a number of therapies that are available for the treatment of unipolar disorder, some more effective than others, just depends on the degree of depression.Probably one of the most controversial, but also deemed effective biological treatments is Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).It is the disease, and like any other disease, it requires treatment.

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For example, Lohoff (2010) noticed in the study that genetic factors play important roles in the development of the major depressive disorder (MDD), “as indicated by family, twin, and adoption studies, and may reveal important information about disease mechanisms” (p. As one can see, some studies confirm the importance of the genetic factor for the development of depression.

However, not only the studies about the family, twin, and adoption show such results.

ECT tends to have severe physical health risks and with the introduction of newer and less harmful antidepressant drugs, it is being used far less often (Comer, 2005).

This new class of drugs includes three main types; monoamine oxidase (MAOI) inhibitors, tricyclics and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Clinical depression is a mental illness that that can prohibit normal daily functioning.

In this assignment I will examine two forms of clinical depression, unipolar, and bipolar depression.They increase serotonin and norepinephrine levels (Comer,2005).There are a vast number of other treatment options that are on the market, most of which are just not as commonly prescribed.The Key Factor Which Causes Depression: Genetic or Environment Depression is a quite widespread disease of nowadays.Scientific sources and mass media already have some success in conveying to society the thought that depression is something more than a negative mood that can be changed by itself.Changes in mood such as these are temporary, and are pretty common.Aside from these normal occurrences actual depression, or clinical depression, is seen in 1 in 10 Americans.However, as it often happens, and as the studies confirmed, both sides have correct suggestions and both causes, genetic and environmental, are important for the development of depression.As it was already mentioned above, some researchers claim that the genetic factor is the main cause of depression.Papers are organized by topic and by year of publication.Click on the citation to read the abstract on Pub Med (if indexed) or on the journal website.


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