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Science Worksheets (Full Index)Browse through our extensive collection of science worksheets.Topics include animals, plants, simple machines, human body, magnetism, outer space, electricity, and more.Packets, to be clear, are simply a bunch of worksheets stapled together.

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Each file also has a bibliography form that students can fill out at the end of each project, as well as a rubric to help teachers with grading.

Your students will enjoy researching their favorite insect.

I think a lot of worksheets fall somewhere between the two.

Because there is such a range, the only person who can really make the call is you.

Finding Evidence worksheet (pdf) Before you start your research, consider what evidence you’ll need to support your claims and think about how to find it. These handouts can help you find books, articles, videos and more. Keyword Searching (pdf) Learn how to use keyword searching and subject searching together to find what you're looking for in the Library catalog and article databases.

Boolean Logic, Truncation, and Nesting (pdf) An introduction to advanced search techniques you can use to help you find information efficiently and effectively.Students can learn about dinosaurs, states, provinces, and more.Each template guides students through the research process by asking simple questions and requiring basic drawings.What I have gleaned about Jeff Bliss from the internet is that at the time of the video, he was an 18-year-old sophomore.So apparently, at some point, he had not been successful in school. For me, it makes him an even better source of information about why school isn’t working for some students. I’ve seen classrooms where teachers deliver instruction overwhelmingly through worksheets, or packets of worksheets.Topic Identification worksheet (pdf) This graphic organizer will help you understand your assignment, identify and focus your topic, create a search strategy and find sources in 6 easy steps!For more information about research topics, visit Developing Your Research Question (pdf) An infographic of journalistic questions that can help you brainstorm potential research questions.They'll write about the anatomy, life cycle, and habitat of their insect.There is also a section for students to list interesting facts.(8 pages, includes bibliography and grading rubric)Math Worksheets (Full Index)Browse our complete collection of math worksheets.Topics include fractions, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphing, measurement, and more!


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