Research Paper Outline On Drunk Driving

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There are many different purposes for writing an informative outline, therefore there are several different types of informative outlines.

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Thesis Statement Today, I am going to briefly review some major reasons why we need Stricter Drunk driving laws.

Preview First, I will review how drunk driving has become a problem. While drunk drivers who cause injuries or deaths may spend some time behind bars as punishment for their actions, for their victims the accident can often be a life sentence.

A speaking outline uses keywords and phrases, generally on note cards, and is designed to jog your memory during your speech, keeping you on track, without distracting you from delivering your message.

Once your preparation outline is complete, you’ll also want to consider if you need a speaking outline.

The introduction generally needs to: You are likely already familiar with the basic outline format, which uses Roman numerals for the introduction, body (main points), and conclusion, and letters and numbers for subpoints and supporting facts.

Research Paper Outline On Drunk Driving Good Argumentative Essay Topics College Students

If you have the basic format down, you’ll then want to then master the differences specific to the type of informative outline you’re writing.

If it’s permitted, a speaking outline can be a useful tool to use when delivering your speech.

This informative outline example from Santa Monica College is a full sentence outline of a demonstrative, or how to, informative speech about CPR.

The introduction shows a clearly defined thesis statement.

An example of a process informative speech outline, this outline informs how to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle.


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