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And that’s not turning around in the next few weeks.” The U. and Europe, where many cities have longstanding recycling collection programs, have been especially hard-hit.

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“Everyone was sending their materials to China because their contamination standard was low and their pricing was very competitive,” says Johnny Duong, acting chief operating officer of California Waste Solutions, which handles recycling for Oakland and San Jose.

S., small town and rural recycling operations have been hit the hardest.

While most continue to operate, rising costs and falling incomes are forcing some, like Kingsport, Tennessee to shut down.

China’s “National Sword” policy, enacted in January 2018, banned the import of most plastics and other materials headed for that nation’s recycling processors, which had handled nearly half of the world’s recyclable waste for the past quarter century.

The move was an effort to halt a deluge of soiled and contaminated materials that was overwhelming Chinese processing facilities and leaving the country with yet another environmental problem — and this one not of its own making.


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