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Thus, it is an urgent and an ongoing concern that the opportunity for organ donation is preserved when caring for critically ill patients.

Thus, it is an urgent and an ongoing concern that the opportunity for organ donation is preserved when caring for critically ill patients.Estimates of organ donation potential indicate that there is a sizeable potential donor pool that the organ donation community is yet to completely realize.

We note that, for reporting purposes, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) identifies an organ donor as an eligible decedent whose family has authorized recovery of organs for transplantation.A process breakdown is defined as a deviation from the organ donation protocol that may jeopardize organ recovery. A retrospective analysis of donation-eligible decedents was conducted using data from an independent organ procurement organization.Adjusted effect of process breakdown on organs transplanted from an eligible decedent was examined using multivariable zero-inflated Poisson regression. An eligible decedent is four times more likely to become an organ donor when there is no process breakdown (adjusted OR: 4.01; 95% CI: 1.6838, 9.6414; ) even after controlling for the decedent’s age, gender, race, and whether or not a decedent had joined the state donor registry.Decedent’s age is a strong predictor of likelihood of donation and the number of organs transplanted from a donor. Eliminating breakdowns in the donation process can potentially increase the number of organs available for transplant but some organs will still be lost.The success of organ transplants in treating end-stage organ failure has led to an unprecedented demand for transplantable organs that unfortunately remain in short supply.Like hospitals, CORE uses a proprietary electronic medical record system to aid its staff in documenting real-time patient-related information.The information is jointly entered into the system by the donor referral coordinator and the organ procurement coordinator.CMS-defined eligible deaths become standard criteria donors.A justification for the exclusion of nonstandard criteria donors is available in optional supplemental materials in the Supplementary Material available online at In recent years critical pathways for organ donation have been developed to preserve the opportunity for donation.Critical pathways, also called “clinical pathways” or “care maps,” help standardize medical care, reduce variability, and improve outcomes of medical procedures [10].


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