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The implementation of the Oregon legislation has been halted by a Federal court pending a determination of its constitutionality; the Northern Territory legislation was overturned by the Australian federal parliament in 1997, and in July 1997 the United States Supreme Court, reversing the decisions of lower courts, declared that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia.

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Association with what is unpleasant is suffering, disassociation from what is pleasant is suffering. In short, the five factors of individuality are suffering.

Textual study and exegesis is central to most Buddhist traditions, and ethical and doctrinal views and opinions that are not in conformity with scripture and authoritative commentaries on it composed through the centuries, have little chance of gaining acceptance.

although, as is generally recognized, at times there are psychological factors present that can diminish responsibility or even completely remove it.”, forthcoming).

He reports that in Sri Lanka attempted suicide is punishable by up to a year in prison while aiding and abetting suicide is treated the same as murder.

Regardless of whether this is psychologically true, the theoretical possibility of desireless murders that would thus be regarded as not immoral reveals the inadequacy of the subjectivist account.

Another defect in the account is that the gravity of murders would be nothing more than a function of the amount of desire present.Finally the term “assisted death” is not conceived in the sense as the term “euthanasia” as being used in this article.The use of the broad notion of euthanasia leads to the fact that many diverse situations are discussed under the term “euthanasia”.The debate surrounding the so-called “right to die” has commanded increasing public attention over the last decade.Opinion polls in many Western democracies would appear to show increasing support for euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, and a number of recent legal developments have further advanced the cause.In Thailand, while it is illegal to encourage suicide, suicide itself is not illegal. Japanese law does not criminalize suicide but it is an offence to assist or encourage it..Compare Poussin, “In the case of Sākyamuni we have to deal with a voluntary death.” We must bear in mind, however, that the Buddha had rejected Māra's overtures in this direction at the start of his teaching career (102) and did so again three months before his death (99)..First, the scope of the topic will be defined, as not all discussions which are related to “euthanasia” interpreted in a very broad and unspecified sense will be included.The second remark concerns the semantics to which the term “euthanasia” in this chapter refers.The third remark will deal with the methodology applied in this study.The debates about both the morality and legality of euthanasia have been a significant phenomenon of the last decades of the twentieth century and one can expect that they will remain a source of powerful controversies well into the twenty first century.


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