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However, I quickly figured out that the standards for this class, were much higher than what I was used to.

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Considering that my workload is steadier now than what I’m used to, it’s far more difficult to wait until the last second, especially when you have at least two things due for every class on Sunday night.

So now, on every Monday night, when the week is posted, I sit and plan out in my agenda what assignments I will be doing on what days.

I never liked to read the long articles and then summing them up were even worse.

However, with these articles, there’s no way possible you can just skim over paragraphs.

This is helpful to me because with work and my night class, things tend to slip through my fingers and I forget about them.

Another way I plan things out is, even when I have an assignment that does not require an outline for grading purposes, I make one anyways for a guide of what and how I’m going to complete the given task.

From that moment on, I knew I had to be responsible and actually work for a better grade.

I definitely learned from that failure, and now I’ve passed every following assignment in this class.

In high school, we were always treated like children.

Teachers extended deadlines, we received remind messages to study and there were no given responsibilities.


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