Reduce Traffic Jam Essay

Reduce Traffic Jam Essay-13
Apparently, reasons that substantiate the claim 'the less frequently people travel in a city, the fewer traffic jams they create' - require thorough analysis.

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Therefore, we need to find potential solutions to the problem of road traffic congestion.

My innovations will present a way to relief the congestion impact of public transport.

The most viable solution to the evergrowing traffic problem in urban areas, according to some, is to minimize the citizen's need for travel to workplaces, shopping malls and schools. Similarly, if we shop online, dispatch staff will still be on the road to deliver products.

Doctors, engineers, nurses and many other professionals have to visit their workplaces to perform their jobs.

Straddling Bus (SB) Current situation Road traffic congestion is a major problem in Singapore and it results in delays in the transport system such as buses not reaching their destinations on their scheduled time.

Because of that, it also results in commuters not getting to their destinations on time even though they already take the shortest route to their destinations.

Furthermore, the government can encourage cyclists to use this eco-friendly mode of transport more often by dedicating a separate lane for them.

Many European and Asian cities, for example, already have separate cycle lanes and this has been truly effective in promoting environmentally friendly vehicles and reducing congestions.

The fewer people travel the fewer vehicles are on the road resulting less traffic congestion.

In 2007, while working as an urban planner in the municipal council in my city, I was among a team which was chosen to ascertain the impact of heavy traffic within the city.


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