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We will also turn to shorter forms of writing—personal sketches, brief reported pieces—to further illuminate what we mean when we talk about “identity” and “character.” The goal of this course is less to teach the art of profile writing than to make us all more alert to the subtleties of the form.We grow as writers by responding to the work of others.

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; we have seen enough tragedy, it’s time for a change!

; etc, etc, etc (those interested in reading more can sign into Facebook).

At least two reasons why became clear during her talk: first, because she does not believe it is possible for her personally “to keep her soul intact while doing lots of quick thinking about people she barely knows”; and, second, because she does not believe that content produced so quickly has any real value. Instead, via a quick series of rhetorical questions, Burr arrives gleefully at the only answer, the obvious answer, the answer he knew he wanted to get to before he even started: does not even refer to Burr himself but to the universal persona Loofbourow defines in her essay.

Because Le Blanc conducts her work in a way that differs from the norm without making her any extra money, she is faced with the task of vindicating herself: Why doesn’t she believe in getting content out to the public as quickly as possible? Since Burr is performing comedy, it practically goes without saying that he never does any analytic labor, never agonizes over the implications his “decision” might have on real human lives (note that our word “labor” comes from the Latin , for “work,” or, significantly, “suffering”).

In this course, we will tackle the various challenges of profile writing, such as choosing a good subject, interviewing, plotting, obtaining and telescoping biographical information, and defining the role of place in the portrait.

Students will be expected to share their own work, identify what they admire or despise in other writers’ characterizations, and learn to read closely many masters of the genre: Daphne Merkin, Malcolm Gladwell, Gay Talese, and Janet Malcolm.It is, rather, a way of making sense of things, a vast perspective, acquired naturally through the process of socialization, that you can tap into whenever you do not want to do the work of thinking as yourself. ; it’s one thing to want a few bolt-action rifles for hunting deer, but who needs a military-grade assault rifle designed for hunting humans?Those who practice the male glance need not adopt any particular stance when it comes to an issue like gun ownership, for example; but they will inevitably adopt a stance that is at once final and false, like kids who strike the same dramatic poses as their favorite movie characters: To pass stricter gun laws would be to trample all over our second amendment rights; people kill people, not guns; the problem isn’t guns, it’s . ; if assault rifles are legal now, how long until any average Joe can buy a nuke?By choosing “I agree” below, you agree that NPR’s sites use cookies, similar tracking and storage technologies, and information about the device you use to access our sites to enhance your viewing, listening and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. She is not your typical journalist, and certainly not your typical Pulitzer-Prize winner. It feeds an inchoate, almost erotic hunger to know without attending . In “thinking about” whether or not to get a gun, Burr considers only one scenario, and in truth he is not so much considering a serious possibility as satirizing a deep-seated cultural fear: what if something should happen to cause our modern value system to break down, so that the world would revert to a more primitive time whenmight made right? She spent more than eleven years in the Bronx with the people who would eventually figure as characters in her book , and once again she has spent over a decade in “AA meetings, green rooms, psych wards, and really lousy apartments” as part of her research for a new book on people practicing standup comedy. to reject without taking the trouble of analytical labor because our intuition is so searingly accurate it doesn’t require it . .”In his bit on guns, Burr is mocking the male glance to perfection.In the course of being shifted out of the enduring discourse about human affairs and into the 24-hour competition to shout news faster and louder than your competition, these thoughts have acquired the blunt force of a rallying cry at the expense of something much more valuable: the awareness of the infinite complexity of things, of the impossibility of any thought ever being produces stuff that sounds good, it is because the male glance has created the criteria for what sounds good in the first place. But it seems that Le Blanc has set herself this task anyway, and, if it takes her more than twenty-four hours to publish a piece, it is likely because it takes her much longer than that to believe she has seen her subjects through her own two eyes."The Buzz" is the Mc Coy Family Center for Ethics in Society's media portal for ethics-related news on campus and beyond.Le Blanc is interested in producing work that succeeds based on criteria she has established for herself, instead of the criteria she has received from various old, outmoded, and male-dominated institutions, from journalism to academia. We review events and speakers, and we feature initiatives that are of broad interest.“At first, I found myself resisting the narratives in this collection, not wanting to deal with the reality they described,” writes Michelle Alexander in the foreword to . prisons are the primary caretakers of children, but the small number of women’s correctional institutions mean most prisoners are located far from family members, which makes it difficult for prisons to maintain relationships.“Perhaps it is natural, and thoroughly human, to recoil reflexively when one encounters extreme suffering…But then a voice in my head asked me: If you find these stories difficult to read, how much harder would it be to live them? We see the challenges such separation causes in Adrian Nicole Le Blanc’s non-fiction masterpiece.


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