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My parents taught me to always do my best and to always have hope, even if you get knocked down over and over. " Bottom Line Perhaps somewhat surprisingly in these uncertain times, teens tend to show deep appreciation of what it means to be American. The current questionnaire was completed by 517 respondents, aged 13 to 17, between Aug.

While writing about freedoms, they also note citizens' obligations. One 17-year-old girl reflected: "…we are a group of people who have dreams and live in a place where we have the chance to fulfill them." Another 16-year-old simply said it means "being part of a nation that tries to be good." *The Gallup Youth Survey is conducted via an Internet methodology provided by Knowledge Networks, using an online research panel that is designed to be representative of the entire U.

Asked on an open-ended basis, the question allowed respondents to offer whatever answer came to mind.

Teens frequently mentioned freedom, or some aspect of it, in their responses.

After the abolition of slavery there were many slaves who taught other slaves how to read, and freed African Americans who did so as well.

In 1837 the first Institute for Colored Youth was created.Is there much more for both Native Americans and the United States to do to reach full harmony and assuage treaty obligations and socio-economic conditions? But, that does not, and it cannot, diminish the sense of pride and accomplishment we have achieved by being both Native Americans and American citizens.So, in closing, I am very proud that both my Native American Grandfathers and Grandmothers, as well as my contemporary U. culture, have fought so hard and done what was necessary so that I could exist today – even as we continue to learn and progress toward what is right and fair.There was never a definite answer as to what I was, so I learned to accept both. [tags: Asian American, White American, United States] - When African Americans were brought to the United States they were taken away from the lives they knew, the culture they knew, and the educational system they knew.African American slaves were not allowed to learn how to read or write, but some secretly learned by using the and all the celebrations that took place across the United States, I feel a sense of personal pride. But, more specifically, I feel proud to be a part of it and to be a Native American.I am a Native man living in a country that has had its fair share of wars, disputes and worse with Native people since the recorded history of America and even before.Many people wonder what it takes to be a true American, but the answer is something not so difficult to determine. ” These are the two questions that I get asked regularly by non-Asians.Essentially, being an American means to show patriotism and pride of the country, to be very fortunate compared to other countries, and unfortunately, to show a lack of appreciation for all the great things America provides.... I always reply “Well I was born and raised in America but my family comes from Hong Kong.” I grew up constantly being told to take pride in being Chinese, however, I was also consistently told by my family to be proud that I even have the opportunity to grow up in America.One 17-year-old boy said being an American means having "freedom to choose what school I want to attend, what church I want to go to, study what I am interested in, travel freely throughout this country without any restrictions, listen to any radio or TV stations that I want to, and achieve my career and educational goals ...without any influence from any government or military group." A 15-year-old boy said, "Being an American means being proud of my country and defending our right to free speech and the freedom to be who we are." He ended his comments dramatically: "I will defend my right to be free to the death." Teens Don't Have to Agree With the Government The war in Iraq has raised many questions about the meaning of patriotism.


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