Problem Solving Maths Ks1

The key to solving these problems is to understand what is being asked, what operation needs to be used and what method is best to use.Problems in KS1 SATs might involve money, measures and time intervals.

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Children will be asked to do three maths papers in Year 6: one on arithmetic, and two on reasoning (applying their maths skills to a number of problems and puzzles).

Again, they will be given problems to solve involving all four operations.

We use Mathematical Vocabulary when planning to help determine the appropriate terminology to use in our teaching and children are expected to use it in their verbal and written explanations (see calculation policy).

Here are some recommended links to use to support learning KS1 we enter the final term, the children at Hill Top are moving their Numeracy skills forward and engaging in even more problem solving than ever before!

Their class Hazard board has enabled the children to share their mistakes and misconceptions, allowing them to teach each other how to correct their work.

Badger’s highly acclaimed Problem Solving series is designed to help teachers support the increased emphasis on using and applying mathematic skills.

You may need to show them your own pictures to help them, but make it very clear that they don't have to do these problems in their head (unless they want to! Children will also come across problems involving multiplication and division.

By the time they sit their KS1 SATs, they should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables off by heart (as well as all the corresponding division facts that go with them).

Across all areas of the Maths curriculum, including: Place Value, Measure, Geometry, Number and Statistics, it is our mission to ensure that all children have the opportunities to secure their knowledge of...

- Rapid Recall Skills - Varied Fluency - Reasoning -Problem Solving We have been focusing on developing children's problem solving and reasoning skills.


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