Problem Solving In Physics

Optics is the study of electromagnetic waves in general.

So it covers all waves in the electromagnetic spectrum given below: One of the most controversial questions in optics is whether light is a wave or a ray.

Anything in physics related to heat is classified as thermodynamics.

There are three laws of thermodynamics: Electromagnetism is the combined study of electricity and magnetism, and the most important addition to classical physics after Isaac Newton's work.

Similarly, mechanical power is defined as where is power delivered and is velocity.

Energy is the other basic intrinsic property of a body.

Kinematics is the study of (relative) motion - displacement, velocity, acceleration etc.

The two relations at the heart of kinematics are: and where is displacement at time , is velocity, is acceleration, and is time.

When you read the question ask yourself, is it exploring electricity? Look for keywords and phrases that reveal the topic. Before starting to solve the problem, think about what the answer will look like.

What are the units; is the final answer going to be in kilograms or liters?


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