Problem Solving Addition And Subtraction Worksheets

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Example 4: Dina added five-sixths of a bag of soil to her garden.Analysis: To solve this problem, we will subtract two fractions with unlike denominators.Solution: Answer: Stefanie swam one-third of a lap farther in the morning.After reviewing these strategies, use the following free word-problem printables to let the students practice what they've learned.There are only three worksheets because you don't want to overwhelm your second-graders when they are just learning to do word problems." and "A man was carrying balloons but the wind blew 12 away. To answer this one, have students survey the problem, then read it together as a class.Ask questions such as: "What could help us solve this problem?" If students seem perplexed, read the problems aloud together with them.Explain that once you strip out the words, these are actually simple addition and multiplication problems, where the answer to the first would be: 12 robins 7 robins=19 robins; while the answer to the second would be: 8 friends x 2 wheels (for each bike) = 16 wheels.On this printable, students will work six questions starting with two easy problems followed by four more of increasing difficulty.Some of the questions include: "How many sides are on four triangles? " If students need help, explain that the answer to the first would be: 4 triangles x 3 sides (for each triangle) = 12 sides; while the answer to the second would be: 17 balloons 12 balloons (that blew away) = 29 balloons.


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