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(View a brief video that was included as part of Guy Gecht’s opening keynote during the recent EFI Connect conference here: Ol9u5d1f I).

“Our ability to utilize additional services – not just wide-format printing – such as direct marketing, direct mail and our other services in conjunction with wide-format printing, has helped us tremendously,” Graff points out.

“However, with the renovations of our building we were able to overcome this obstacle.” In January, Sandy Alexander announced it had installed a new EFI VUTEk 5r to further expand the capabilities of its Clifton, N. (5 meter) roll-to-roll machine provides added high-performance technology in conjunction with its counterpart, the Durst Rho 1312 added last year.

To accommodate the demanding schedules of a growing retail and visual merchandising client list, the company made the investment to add redundancy and minimize risk in providing the speed-to-market service that customers demand.

The hybrid printer with white ink also gives Just-Us Printers a lot of flexibility to print on unique substrates, such as metal.

The biggest surprise for Justus was finding out how many of his customers were already getting wide-format printing from other vendors and how quickly his shop was able to attract new clients.Now, we can print on just about any material that will fit under the printhead,” he adds.Some of the most profitable jobs so far have been gallery wraps and metal signage.The biggest challenge the company has faced in the past 12 months has been the substrate side of the business and what substrate to use for each application.“There was definitely a learning curve coming from the offset world, where we primarily print paper and a few plastics.For J-C Press, making use of the workflow and automation tools included with the digital printers — such as the ability to nest multiple jobs — has proved to be the most profitable.The need to profile all of the substrates was truly the biggest roadblock, however.“Profiling the plethora of different substrates to ensure accurate color reproduction was our biggest challenge,” comments Mc Dermott.The design really had a great effect with the brushed aluminum and looked great in their gallery,” says Justus. According to Justus, part of the company’s plan moving forward with wide-format printing and cutting is to utilize it for packaging prototypes.“We are currently installing a Bobst diecutter and are looking for a folder/gluer so we can expand into the folding carton business to increase our offset printing for our two 40” presses.” Sandy Alexander Inc., Clifton N.“A fundamental aspect of Sandy Alexander’s business model is our desire to maintain close client relationships, our willingness to listen to client needs and our ability to offer them the resources to excel in their lines of business.“Every year, customers’ expectations ratchet up as shorter time to market and lower costs are part of the narrative for businesses everywhere,” he adds.


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