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Consequently, as put by Sargent (2008: 2); “An ideology is a system of values and beliefs regarding the various institutions and processes of society that is accepted as fact or truth by a group of people.” Political ideology therefore provides political parties with a view as to the way the world should be and helps them to allocate social values: “the political system is the authoritative allocation of values for a society” (Easton, 1971: 129).

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Not all agree that ideology has completely been eradicated, however, and instead it has been pointed out that whilst there are less ideological divisions, “there is still considerable ideological tension, not just between the parties but within them also” (Griffiths and Hickson, 2009: 1).

Therefore, although political parties may not hold specific ideological beliefs, ideology does still exist which signifies that political ideology is still important within the political process.

It has been stressed by Stankiewicz (2012: 408) that; “ideological issues can be misunderstood if ones attention is confined to the way a government is arrived at, and to the type of legislation passed.” In addition, it was also added that; “party politics are ideologically irrelevant, as are the personal values of political leaders.” Therefore, whilst political ideology is still in existence, ideologies do not form the basis of all decisions that are made as this would lead to a great deal of absurdity and the legislation passed would not satisfy the needs of modern society.

Whether this means that political ideology is no longer applicable in politics is questionable since ideology has played a significant part in the political process for many years.

A secondary research approach will thus be adopted so that any data can be accessed with ease.

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Once all of the applicable information has been gathered an appropriate conclusion will then be drawn summarising all of the main findings.This makes them hard to place on any political spectrum, and thus it cannot be said that they really reflect any specific ideology” (Newman, 2008: 1).It could effectively be said that political ideology is not as relevant as it once was since each party does not follow a certain set of ideals in the political process and greater flexibility now exists which is vital in modern society.Hence, it cannot be said that political parties rely on traditional ideologies since this would otherwise lead to irrational decisions being made.This is because, political parties should consider the modern needs of society and successfully adapt to change.An overview of political ideology will first be given so that the reader will be provided with an explanation of what political ideology consists of.It will then be considered whether political ideology is an important part of the political process and whether it still exists today.It will be discussed whether political ideology has become irrelevant within the political process in order to decide whether ideology is still important in today’s political parties.In doing so, contemporary party politics will be considered and a determination as to whether specific ideologies are still being conveyed will be made.Nevertheless, whilst the belief system of a party may only comprise of one specific ideology, the belief systems of other parties may consist of a broad range.Such beliefs, which may have been acquired from various doctrines, principles, ideals, myths or social movements, help to explain the preferred order for society of each political party.


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