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It was an interesting little parable on the downside of wealth, among other things, and I pinched the seed of the idea for my story “Heart’s Desire/Anything You Want.”I remember the next one also as being “Father Knows Best,” but it could have been “My Three Sons.” The teenage son (Bud? ) is experimenting with ham radio and talking to his friends, when a mysterious (and sultry) female voice shows up, teasing them etc.

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” He mocked the raised hands as being naïve, or worse.

Life is life; if you haven’t figured out that it’s already begun, then you’re doomed to be waiting for a long, long time.

If you have seen it, but need some reminders, there is a pretty good synopsis on the Wikipedia. My take differs, of course.]Old black-and-white sitcoms do tend to blur together in memory.

I can locate the episode of “Father Knows Best” where Mr.

There were no black families living in Donelson when I was young.

It was only my thrice weekly trips to downtown Nashville that let me view the world in black and white, and not just white.

He introduces his soda fountain boss to Art, and the boss’s artistic tendencies blossom. The book burners are also in black and white; the scene has been compared to 1930s Germany, but burning Beatle albums are just as good a comparison.

Bud has read the books that have previously been blank, and as he recounts the stories, the pages fill in with text. Mary Sue changes color not when she has sex, she’s done that plenty of times in the “real world.” She changes when she dons her Pleasantville glasses and begins to read (D. The Mayor never gets angry; when he does, he loses his shades of gray, and loses control of the town as well.

Skip misses a basket during basketball practice and everyone treats the ball as if it were radioactive; no one had ever missed a basket before, nor had they ever lost a game.

But sex spreads and saps the energy from the hitherto perfectly sublimated athletes, and they lose a game, again, a first.


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