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The vast majority of doctoral students undertaking the massive challenge of writing a Ph D thesis wish to excel as researchers and scholars. However, in the same way that we don’t expect doctoral students to begin their journey as fully formed writers, we cannot presume a mastery of integrity practices from the get go.

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Unless the material is "common knowledge," a citation is needed for any material you borrow--whether it is a direction quotation, a paraphrase, or even just an idea. So what might give a clue to a professor that the material you've presented as your own really came from someone else? Always use quotation marks (or block quote formatting) if you use someone else's words. If you can't find the source, drop the material from your paper. Usually the head of your course will provide a list of research paper topics and you will be required to pick one which you are ...

On its own, nothing on this list is a guarantee that material has been plagiarized. If your college, university, or professor is using a Web-based anti-plagiarism service, it's a good idea to know what the program searches for. By: John Edmond Discursive essays As part of your course, you may be asked to write a discursive essay.

And yet how many of us feel well equipped to ensure our students develop and maintain scholarly practices and attitudes that hedge against inadvertent plagiarism?

It takes time to become adroit at avoiding plagiarism, integrating and citing the work of others into one’s own contribution.

If you are intentionally plagiarizing in your paper, thesis, or dissertation, this should give you pause. Academic concerns like this are among the wide array of writing issues we deal with at Edits Made Easy, an online editorial agency offering coaching services, online writing classes, fact-checking, pre-publication services, and resume/career services--in addition to editing and proofreading, of course.

But if you are not intentionally plagiarizing, there could still be reason for concern. Each academic style sheet (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian), has its own conventions for citing sources. Because more and more colleges and universities are making use of Web-based anti-plagiarism programs, our company has decided to include free anti-plagiarism checking on every thesis and dissertation project--When it comes to plagiarism, you just can''t be too careful!

For individuals personal and professional fallout is inevitable, irrespective of the facts (which may explain why these stories attract so much attention in the volatile world of politics).

When plagiarism involves stealing from other doctoral theses, it is abundantly unfair to the original scholar and makes a mockery of their labours.

There is also reputational damage to the institution.

Ph Ds attained by unscrupulous means undermine the value of a doctorate for everyone involved in scholarly work and research. The impetus for this post was threefold: another spate of media accusations of Ph D plagiarism by politicians, a discussion with a colleague overseas about institutional capacity building regarding the avoidance of Ph D plagiarism, and a presentation of preliminary findings from an Australian study into Contract Cheating.


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