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Today solar cells are around 5 to 15% efficient, meaning a lot of the energy of the sunlight is wasted. This will make solar energy a much more economical and viable energy alternative. The other drawback is that with current technology it takes a lot of expensive photovoltaic cells to produce a decent amount of electricity.The oral outcome of units 1/2 English requires a persuasive speech on a topic.Solar energy can be used in different ways during the construction of houses in order to conserve energy.

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Since then, solar cells have been used on small items such as calculators.

They have also been an important power source for spaceships and satellites.

Solar Power for Electricity When most of us think of solar power, we think of the solar cells that turn rays of sunshine into electricity. The word "photovoltaic" comes from the word "photons", which are particles that make up sunlight, as well as the word "volts", which is a measurement of electricity.

Today solar cells are commonly used in small handheld devices like calculators and wrist watches.

The above all rely on one source: solar energy which comes In the case of cold climatic conditions there might not be enough sunlight to provide a source of heat and in this case a person may consider using an electric pump for heating.

Persuasive Essay Solar Energy

“The amount of electricity required is however minimal.”(Johnston, Gibson 250) There are different types of solar water systems, passive and active solar water systems.Active heating is when there are mechanical components to help move the heat around.The sun could be used to heat up water or air that is then pumped around a building to provide even heat in all the rooms. The primary source of all energy on planet Earth is from the sun.Solar power is power generated directly from sunlight.Starting in the 1990s the government has funded research and offered tax incentives to people using clean and renewable power such as solar energy.Scientists have made advances in the efficiency of the solar cell. One drawback is that the amount of sunshine in a specific place changes due to the time of day, the weather, and the time of the year.However passive hot water systems require back up heat for cloudy days.(Johnston, Gibson 254) “The active systems generally have higher efficiencies, their values being thirty-five to eighty percent higher than those of the passive systems.” (Ogueke 1) The two type of systems require storage tanks for their water, which is sometimes in a preheat tank for a conventional water heater.They are usually more efficient and less costly to construct.“Active solar hot water systems employ a pump to circulate water between the collector and the storage tank.


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