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One of the main references that I used in my personal ethics statement is The Modern Version of the Hippocratic Oath, as written by Louis Lasagna (“The Hippocratic Oath: Modern Version, n.d.). The subsequent leading influencer in my life has been al-Farabi who was an Iranian scientist who gained recognition due to having access to his books in English and Farsi language.

As known by any health professionals, the Hippocratic Oath is one of the oldest medical documents in history, and is also one of the major ethical guides that are used by medical professionals (especially physicians) up to the present Personally, I still view the Hippocratic Oath as an important ethical guide for all medical professionals because it outlines one of the main purposes of medicine: to treat patients according to their best interests. Moreover, my interests and desires provide me with a transparency with respect to my academic aspirations; therefore, I know how to head my academic career. Personal ment Due to the fast technological developments in contemporary times, I believe people are given more opportunities to be connected.

I believe that all health care professionals must not, in any case, do harm to a patient, or do things that may be against their best interest.

I believe that all health care professionals must respect the privacy of their patients, and that they must always be able to maintain confidentiality on all information regarding their patients.This career had an impact on me, both in terms of being a hand-on profession as well as being mentally challenging. Personal ment An individual equipped with the proper tools and the necessary skill set can always get the job done, is my belief.Starting out on ambitious missions without learning about the journey is a folly and a waste of time.We all have personal experience related to ethical situations, and it seems not too hard to write a report on them and our understanding of them.Unfortunately, your personal experience and even your opinion are not enough to write an excellent paper on ethics.My short term plans spanning the next five years thus revolve around honing my skills to better equip me to face the practical world and its challenges.Today’s world offers cut-throat competition in pretty much every field you consider.I believe that all health care professionals must always act in accordance with the best interest of the patients they serve, no matter situation they may be.I believe that all patients must be treated with the highest standards of health care, and that they are entitled to the highest quality of medical services.(Pollard, 1994) Personally, I think that due to the development of medicine and the complexity of today’s illnesses, medical and health care professionals actually has the tendency to do experimentation, or do treatment without the informed consent of their patients, as long as they believe that it will cure the patient’s illness. When given the right opportunity with the support of one’s parents, I......? Forbes once said, “The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living doing what they most enjoy.” Today, being the daughter of a well-qualified Dentist, I have been greatly fascinated from dentistry.Although it is true that health care professionals must always act at the best interest of the patient, their freedom to self determination must always be upheld. Ever since childhood, dentistry has been my interest and even in these years, getting a dental degree from a well renowned U.


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