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I imagine parenting to be the same way, where each child is a learning experience that requires a lot of time, commitment, and the occasional fall.

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She can remember little facts about things that happened over eight years ago, like what clothes she was wearing…”, Rebecca Noble, Age 15, about her younger sibling Amy By Rebecca Noble My sister is different. I couldn’t stand watching my parents fall out over how one of them did something wrong when dealing with my sister.

My heart would drop when I found my mum crying and when asking what was wrong and just getting “I’m fine” as a reply.

A is such a loving, kind hearted girl but when she gets worked up, stressed or there is a lot going on around her she becomes really loud, hyper and jumpy or she has a huge meltdown and scream, hit, be cheeky and throw things.

This is all because A has “High Functioning Autism” which is also referred to as “Asperger’s Syndrome.” Asperger’s Syndrome is a mental disability that affects the brain in a lot of different ways.

Because the teenage brain "is going through rapid cognitive growth," she explains, and their body is experiencing all kinds of hormonal fluctuations, of their efforts to navigate new social relationships, "professionals try not to jump to assumptions that mood swings are correlated with mental health problems."So how do you know whether or not someone you love is experiencing something more than teenage angst?

For Germanotta, figuring out what Lady Gaga and Natali were going through, and what they needed from their mother, required her to be a good listener, and to be open to learning from her daughters' experiences, rather than just going off of her own.

“But A doesn’t care, if she accomplishes a simple skill like hopping she is so proud of herself and it puts her in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Asperger’s isn’t all bad, A has a really good long term memory. Making me feel left out, angry at them that they wouldn’t tell me why they were crying, arguing or why the conversations stopped when I walked into the room.

So even though Lady Gaga's mom wasn't totally in-tune at first with how her daughters were feeling, you can't really blame her, especially considering the fact that even the professionals aren't always quick to label a teenager's moody behavior as a sign of mental health issues."During the teenage years, mood swings are a typical part of this stage of development," Dr.

Danielle Forshee, LLC, a doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker, tells Elite Daily.


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