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Asking, typically, for great personal sacrifice, these utopias call for the abolition of all social injustice.While the French Revolution had its fair share of such visions, they reached an apotheosis in 20th-century Marxist politics.The utopias of technology are less impressive than ever now that — after Hiroshima and Chernobyl — we are fully aware of the destructive potential of technology.

Today, the utopian impulse seems almost extinguished.

The utopias of desire make little sense in a world overrun by cheap entertainment, unbridled consumerism and narcissistic behavior.

It is recognized that everyone's part is essential to a perfect society, so no one minds taking a different job than they desire.

This is one example of how rationality plays a big part in utopia.

The foundation of the ideal society rests on the human mind. Education and knowledge are very important to this society.

Religion dies because people do not feel confused, inferior, or empty.Living under the reign of the autocratic Henry VIII, and being a prominent social figure, More might not have wanted to rock the boat too much.Precisely that — rocking the boat — has, however, been the underlying aim of the great utopias that have shaped Western culture.The pronunciation of “utopia” can just as well be associated with “eu-topia,” which in Greek means “happy place.” Happiness, More might have suggested, is something we can only imagine.And yet imagining it, as philosophers, artists and politicians have done ever since, is far from pointless. “Utopia,” his fictional travelogue about an island of plenty and equality, is told by a character whose name, Hythloday, yet another playful conjoining of Greek words, signifies something like “nonsense peddler.” Although More comes across as being quite fond of his noplace, he occasionally interrupts the narrative by warning against the islanders’ rejection of private property.Utopianism can be dreamy in a John Lennon “Imagine”-esque way.Yet it has also been ready to intervene and bring about concrete transformation. Utopias of desire, as in Hieronymus Bosch’s painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” focus on happiness, tying it to the satisfaction of needs.Citizens of the utopia are content with knowing that they lack the knowledge of the overall scheme of things.Of course they seek out this knowledge, but they do not claim to profess this knowledge. From the age of five to eighteen, children attend school.A perfect society seems close, but is really very far away.The ideal society consists of knowledge, reverence, and equality.


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