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Believe it or not, your parties are NOT all about selling.Women go to parties for a variety of reasons, but rarely is it just to buy the products.

Believe it or not, your parties are NOT all about selling.Women go to parties for a variety of reasons, but rarely is it just to buy the products.Can this list of big mistakes help you to train your new recruits better?

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When starting out in party plan it is essential to book as many parties as possible.

Some bookings will come easily and some will be hard work to pin down.

You want them to stick around after the 6 week mark and inspire them to be great at what they do.

Do you have any other big mistakes that you’ve seen or experienced that I should know about?

All (good) companies provide their consultants with opportunities for personal and business growth.

Party Plan Business

There is no feeling more motivating, inspiring or exciting than walking away from training and conferences.All of your marketing, website and promotions are done for you and all you have to do is purchase your kit (at a discounted price), hold a few bookings and sell sell sell! Treating your party plan business like a BUSINESS is essential.Imagine that your business operated out of a shop front at a busy shopping complex or main street. Your kit arrives a few days later and you unpack it with the childish enthusiasm of a 4 year old at Christmas and instantly start posting pics of your favourite products to Instagram and Facebook for everyone to see. From here, one of two things will happen to this consultant… It is very common knowledge that one of the most affordable, quick, stress-free ways to start a business is to become a party plan consultant. Unfortunately there are a percentage of new consultants who think that owning a party plan business means that there will be lots of money… Now don’t get me wrong, there IS a lot of money to be made in party plan, but it’s through planning, goal setting, hard work, time and consistency that makes the money appear. You’ve just signed up to be a consultant with an amazing party plan business, selling products that you LOVE (and love getting the discount too) and working under an overly enthusiastic upline.Even if your business is a hobby business, it’s still a business.If you start treating it like one, you will reap the rewards faster.They go to catch up with their friends, have time out from the kids or from their work and home responsibilities. By giving them an experience, you also give them a reason to buy, to book an experience of their own or to join a company that is obviously so much fun.The best thing that you can do for them is to give them an EXPERIENCE. So go easy on the selling and design a fun, short interactive demonstration that will see everyone leaving relaxed and happy.Today, the look and feel of direct sales companies is changing rapidly. And “group sales” is growing through Party Plan marketing techniques is on the rise.At The Sheffield Group, we’ve combined the traditional Party Plan approach with the more aggressive business building structure of Multi-level Marketing. Take note that what we’re talking about is not your mother’s party plan business.


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