Outline For Research Paper On Same-Sex Marriage

“Sex that did not produce children was a problem because it did not make economic sense” (Galarza).

Over the next couple hundred years as the industrial economy grew in America and people began gathering more heavily in cities, gay communities began to form.

If people live together in a homosexual relationship without being legally married, they do not enjoy the security to protect what they have worked for and saved together.

In case one of them dies, the surviving partner would have no right over the property under the deceased’s name even if they both funded its acquisition.

The generational shift is also helping the movement because many more Millennials have embraced the homosexual culture than previous generations.

Outline For Research Paper On Same-Sex Marriage Custom Written Dissertations

Today, many people are very accepting of homosexuality.

Some countries have broadened their perspective on this issue even though for many years, it has never been legally acknowledged, with some societies even considering it a taboo.

The United Kingdom, Spain, France, Argentina, the Netherlands, and recently the United States are some of the countries that have legalized it (Winter, Forest and Senac, 2017).

It is an issue that can be openly discussed and advocated for.

The fight for legalizing gay marriage has started to become very successful and receive more and more attention nationally.


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