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Different historians from different times all have different views on what was the main cause of the First World War.Some historians, particularly Marxists, believe that the cause of the war was Imperialism.This greatly angered the French and huge tensions were felt between the countries.

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Three years later France had brought Britain and Russia together, and after signing the Anglo-Russian Entente the Triple Entente was formed.

Thus, due to the tension between the Great Powers, the alliance system was a prominent cause of World War One.

In my opinion, Alliances Another reason for the creation of these alliances was the naval race between Great Britain and Germany.

In order to keep the largest naval power; Britain, France and Russia formed an Allegiance, which increased the hostility between the rival nations, Britain and Germany.

It can also be said that nationalism caused the Serbian rebel group, the Black Hand, to shoot and kill the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

Nationalism was also a reason for long term tensions between France and Germany.The trigger of the war, the shooting of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand could have been viewed as a direct result of nationalism.Nationalism was especially high in Austria-Hungary. Inside Austria-Hungary there were up to 11 different nationalities.The other Great powers became increasingly worried about the strength of the Triple Alliance.Therefore, France and Russia agreed to help each other if any country from the Triple Alliance attacked them, and they signed the Franco-Russian Alliance.Ironically, this worried Germany as if it meant that France and Russia had an alliance it meant that she could be attacked from both sides.However, Britain had no allies within the Great powers, and therefore, she was isolated.Having a colony at that time was the thing to have.Because it was such a sought after entity, it caused many tensions between the major imperialistic powers in Europe. Middle It is also thought that a World War might not have been possible had it not have been for the expansions of the armies. World War One was a war between the major powers of Europe that can not be said to have had one specific cause.Tensions between the major powers and Germany, quickly advancing and becoming a larger power in Europe, were always on a knife edge.


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