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These explosions allegedly happened on the order of 300 light years from Earth, meaning they hit us with radiation 4 times as strong (give or take) as what we’d expect from Betelgeuse.There’s no clear sign that they had any effect on life, however.What the Betelgeuse-scare stories often gloss over is that “nearby” and “soon” are relative terms.

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Time to go back to worrying about asteroids and all of the bad things we humans are inflicting on ourselves.

Now, let’s look at that other term, “close.” It’s not so easy to measure the distance to a bright red giant star like Betelgeuse.

Different methods give answers ranging from 520 light years to nearly 700 light years.

It’s possible they caused a period of climate cooling, but it’s also possible that the changing climate was completely unrelated.

At any rate, there was no mass extinction during that era.


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