Opposition To Penalty Essay

These two cases are just two of the major events that demonstrate the debates for and against capital punishment.There are many others that support the two opposing positions.

For example, in the 2009 results of the annual Gallup Crime Survey, they discovered that atleast 65% of Americans continue to support death penalty (Newport 2009).

What are the characteristics of these Americans who support death penalty? It is important for policy makers and politicians to know the answer to this question because their own view on capital punishment can affect the support base for future policies and laws they may propose.

Many nations have been disturbed and argued about the best way it can be handled.

This has made generation of questions on how best the capital offenders can be punished in order to have justice for both the offenders and victims of the circumstances.

The authorities should realize that death penalties are subject to flaws; that is, there is always a probability that the person being convicted of the crime may be innocent.

The severity and cruelty of crimes punishable through death should encourage people to abandon their personal bias and......imperfect conditions.

To expound on the main research question, the following null hypotheses have been formulated: 1.

A person’s sex/gender does not affect his or her decision to support or oppose death penalty. Age is not a determinant to the support or opposition to capital punishment. Individuals with higher incomes do not demonstrate greater support to death penalty compared to those with lower income levels.

After state courts threw out 47% of death sentences due to serious flaws, a later federal review found ‘serious error'—error undermining the reliability of the outcome—in 40% of the remaining sentences” (as quoted in Randall 2000).

In response to this study, Illinois governor George Ryan pardoned four death row prisoners and commuted the other 163 cases into life imprisonment.


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