October Sky Book Report

October Sky Book Report-48
There are some peculiarities to the Marriott which the show won’t face elsewhere. There can be positives with this — director Rachel Rockwell, who has a nice sense of pace, finds theatrical ways to depict rocket launches and the descent into mineshafts.But the setup also banishes the orchestra to unseen space, which perhaps is why everything seems so over-miked.

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Excellent Broadway pro David Hess plays Homer’s disapproving father, John, the local mine superintendent who’s caught in the middle of brewing labor disputes, and clear in his desire for Homer to work the mines as a sort of generational legacy.

And Susan Moniz, as Homer’s mother, Elsie, provides the balanced, highly moral center of both the family and the show, encouraging her son’s dreams while guiding him to take practical steps towards them with the song “Solid Ground: “I know what it’s like to be a dreamer/And nobody understands you,/And they never even try./But a dream is just a dream/Until you snatch it from the mist/And you can hold it in your fist/And see it fly …

We are told that Sputnik will be visible to the naked eye...

Why should the damn jocks be the only ones gettin' scholarships?

And Mahler’s lyrics are often exceptionally strong and sophisticated, often incorporating convincing dialogue into the songs and always helping to give depth to characters who could easily be simplified to the uni-dimensional.

He is particularly effective at sharing song dialogue among the four rocket boys as they attempt their various launches.

as it traverses the October sky over the United States.

about an hour after sunset and an hour before dawn...

Didn't I tell you to put some men to work on those roof bolts? Two more days on that block, we're gonna be down to the bone.

We was just tryin' to get-- Make sure the hoot owl shift sets those timbers by the vent!


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