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Bonus Factor: PEI LMM has made me want to go to Prince Edward Island with ALL OF MY HEART AND SOUL.Bonus Factor: Cats Emily loves cats like I love cats.

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Emily ends up residing with her two spinster aunts (strict Aunt Elizabeth and kind Aunt Laura) and Cousin Jimmy, at New Moon farm.

Emily is unsure of this new life, but begins attending school for the first time, soon starts to make great friends, begins to pursue her dream of becoming a famous poetess and learns what it means to grow up. Emily is a classic LMM heroine -- smart, opinionated, fiery and yet a total dreamer. She is always willing to come to the defense of people she cares about, especially her wild friend Ilse and Cousin Jimmy.

Now this might be pure blasphemy, but I think I (gasp) love Emily even more than Anne Shirley.

I know, I know, sacrilege, but so you can all understand how serious I am about loving Emily.

(Emily of New Moon Book 1) by Lucy Maud Montgomery Cover Story: Awkward Phase BFF Charm: YES, FOREVER Swoonworthy Scale: 3 and -1,000 Talky Talky: Flowery Goodness Bonus Factors: PEI, Cats, Writing Relationship Status: The Kindred Spirit I Took WAY Too Long To Meet Cover Story: Awkward Phase Okay, so this cover is sort of dorky, but also kind of sweet. Not even attending school, Emily doesn't have any friends her own age.

Montgomery paperback covers have same font and general look to them. Also, this cover highlights two of Emily's (and my! The Deal: Emily Starr is living a quiet, secluded life with her doting father.In 2005, she published her first book called Twilight, and unknown of the fact that it would get so popular, and that it would be a story of four thick books.In 2006, she published the first sequel to Twilight, called New Moon. And last year, in 2008, she published the last sequel called Breaking Dawn.She to write, whether it is in letters to her deceased father or descriptions of things and people in her Jimmy book.When Aunt Elizabeth tells Emily to stop writing, Emily refuses to do so and refuses to lie about it, because writing is just too important to who she is.Bonus Factor: Writing Emily loves to write both stories and poetry.But it's different than for those of us (like myself) who occasionally consider writing a chore.Stephenie also published her new project, called The Host.Summary; It starts when Bella has her eighteenth birthday, and the Cullens organize a party for her, even though she doesn’t want it.Stephenie said that she would be writing the last Twilight Saga book, for all of the fans, called Midnight Sun, but she trusted some people with already a sample, and someone misused it, and it got leaked.Stephenie will probably go on with writing it in the year 2011.


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