Neonatal Nurse Thesis

Before becoming an advanced practice registered nurse, prospective neonatal nurses must go through basic training.

Prospective neonatal nurses have two options: obtain an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

NNPs (neonatal nurse practitioners) go through more extensive training than their RN counterparts and are better equipped to deal with complex health issues.

They may also receive more responsibilities such as prescribing medications, planning treatment, and diagnosing when needed, depending on the rules nd regulations set by their state.

Newborn infants may be treated by registered nurses in a majority of Level I nurseries.

They attend to births and treat newborns if possible.

Without neonatal nurses caring for newborns, the mortality rate of newborns may increase significantly, not to mention any health complications faced later in life due to poor care at the time of birth.

Neonatal nurses make sure that newborn infants receive the treatment they need to grow into healthy adults.

From there, they must pass their NCLEX-RN license exam.

Once they become registered nurses, they must have two years of experience and practice.


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