My Hometown Essay

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The man who sold me my first formal jacket for a piano recital saw me weeks later and asked me how it went.

When mom goes to the local coffee shop, they have her coffee poured even before she orders.

On Saturday, October 3rd I attended the WIU Homecoming parade.

It was a beautiful day for a parade: sunny, the air crisp, the trees around us on the verge of exploding in autumnal color. Vivian's family moved from segregated Missouri to Macomb when he was young because his parents felt he would receive a better education in a university community.

Shops are run by successful business owners whose families have been invested in the community for generations.

When you buy something from a local business, proprietors take an interest in you personally.

You can’t visit the town square without a smile from a familiar face.

A purchase from a business is more of an exchange between friends rather than an impersonal transaction.

I should mention that the farmer and scholar may be the same person! John Hallwas is a retired professor and author from our community who is famous for writing about the history of Macomb and other western Illinois towns. Hallwas for his thoughts as to what makes Macomb special.

He writes, "By thoughtful awareness of other individuals, we come to know ourselves more deeply, and we can fulfill our potential as complex human beings who are distinctive from countless others--yet connected by important emotional and cultural realities. Vivian spent most of his childhood in Macomb and echoes Dr. Reverend Vivian recently addressed the student body at the high school.


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