M.Sc Nursing Thesis

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Cairns PDF Assessing Abstinence in Infants Greater Than 28 Days Old, Genieveve J.Cline PDF The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Motor Function in Hospitalized Older Adult Survivors of Critical Illness, Maya N.Coimbatore An exploratory study to assess the prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors among antenatal mothers between 20 weeks to 40 weeks in PSG Hospitals in an view to prepare an information booklet on gestational diabetes mellitus.

Cairns PDF Assessing Abstinence in Infants Greater Than 28 Days Old, Genieveve J.Cline PDF The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Motor Function in Hospitalized Older Adult Survivors of Critical Illness, Maya N.

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Devine PDF Examination of the Use of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) in the Treatment of Symptoms of PTSD and Sleep Dysfunction in Veterans and Civilians, Marian Jevone Hardwick PDF Investigating the Mutual Effects of Depression and Spiritual Well-being on Quality of Life in Hospice Patients with Cancer and Family Caregivers Using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model, Li-Ting Huang PDF The Change in Nutritional Status in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Retrospective Descriptive A Retrospective Descriptive Study, Dina A.

Budhrani PDF Factors Predicting Pap Smear Adherence in HIV-infected Women: Using the Health Belief Model, Crystal L.

Chapman Lambert PDF The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Body Mass Index on Vitamin D Levels in African American Women with and without Diabetes Living in Areas with Abundant Sunshine, Shani Vann Davis PDF Predictors of Quality of Life in Patients with Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma, Darcie Marie Deaver PDF Relationship between dysphoric moods, risk-taking behaviors, and Toxoplasma gondii antibody titers in female veterans, Allyson Radford Duffy PDF Prenatal Stress, Depression, and Herpes Viral Titers, Pao-Chu Hsu PDF Factors Associated with Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence Among Survivors, Jean Marie Lucas PDF Sickle Cell Disease: The Role of Self-Care Management, Nadine Matthie PDF The Strong Black Woman, Depression, and Emotional Eating, Michelle Renee Offutt PDF Development of an Investigator-designed Questionnaire Concerning Childbirth Delivery Options based on the Theory of Planned Behavior, Chun-Yi Tai PDF The Mediating Effect of Distress Caused by Constipation on Predictors of Quality of Life of Hospice Patients with Cancer., Abdel Alkhalouf PDF Testing a Model of Bacterial Vaginosis among Black Women, Jessica Brumley PDF The Effect of Tight Glycemic Control on Surgical Site Infection Rates in Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery, Sierra Gower PDF Development of a Tool for Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Preventive Interventions in Ancillary Services Patients, Monica Shutts Messer PDF Hospice Nurses- Attitudes and Knowledge about Pain Management, Amie Jacqueline Miller PDF Literacy and Hazard Communication Comprehension of Employees Presenting to an Occupational Health Clinic, Christine Bouchard PDF A Meta-Analysis of Cultural Competence Education in Professional Nurses and Nursing Students, Ruth Wilmer Gallagher PDF Relationship Between Cancer-Related Fatigue and Depression: A Pilot Study, Gloria Michelle Guess PDF A Comparison of Oncology and Non-Oncology Nurses in Their Knowledge of Cancer Pain Management, Nicole Houle PDF Evaluating Knowledge and Attitudes of Graduate Nursing Students Regarding Pain, Eric Bartholomew Jackson PDF Bone Marrow Transplant Nurses' Attitudes about Caring for Patients Who are Near the End of Life: A Quality Improvement Project, Leslie Lauersdorf PDF Translation and Adaptation of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression (CES-D) Scale Into Tigrigna Language for Tigrigna Speaking Eritrean Immigrants in the United States, Mulubrhan Fisseha Mogos PDF Nurse Manager Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor to Registered Nurse Job Satisfaction and RN Perceptions of the Practice Environment and the Relationship to Patient, Nursing and Hospital Outcomes, Jacqueline Cecilia Munro PDF The Relationship of Mid-Pregnancy Levels of Cytokines, Stress, and Depression with Gestational Age at Delivery, Melissa Molinari Shelton PDF Prophylactic, Risk-Reducing Surgery in Unaffected BRCA-Positive Women: Quality Of Life, Sexual Functioning and Psychological Well-Being, Sharon Tollin PDF The relationship between FAM5C SNP (rs10920501) variability, metabolic syndrome, and inflammation, in women with coronary heart disease, Jennifer L.

Russo PDF The correlation between neuropathy limitations and depression in chemotherapy patients, Melissa Thebeau PDF Fatigue symptom distress and its relationship with quality of life in adult stem cell transplant survivors, Suzan Fouad Abduljawad PDF Nursing advocacy and the accuracy of intravenous to oral opioid conversion at discharge in the cancer patient, Maria L.

Gallo PDF Transitional care for adolescents with HIV: Characteristics and current practices of the adolescent trials network systems of care, Patricia Gilliam PDF The effect of ethical ideology and professional values on registered nurses' intentions to act accountably, Susan R.


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