Mock Research Papers

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See them as useful practice to learn from mistakes, focus on your weak points, and improve upon your mark.

Use the time after your exam for a well-earned break to refresh your mind.

These will tell you exactly what the exam board is looking for in an answer, and how each question should be written according to the number of marks or the terminology in the question itself.

Arming yourself with this sort of information is vital for time keeping and will prevent you from writing too much or too little.

This way of prioritizing tends to prevent the secondary content from becoming the focus on the paper. Students must also learn to read research reports with a critical mind, understanding that a credible-looking report isn't necessarily trustworthy.

The mock research paper teaches these lessons while, at the same time, being an enjoyable assignment.

We describe a semester-long experience in which students engage the process of science to design an innovative research plan on a topic that is relevant to the scientific community and society.

Research teams seek funding to pursue a novel, high-impact research question, and submit proposals for peer review in a mock NSF-style study section.

If you run out of exam questions, try websites like Sparknotes, or Shmoop which have designed their own questions similar to that of the actual papers.

To work yourself up to doing your own mini mock exam, start by answering questions in your own time using your notes.


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