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Therefore our deadline for theses is also the deadline for final grades to be submitted to the Undergraduate Office.

Students must bring to us the completed grade sheet with the final copies of the thesis.

The thesis requirement gives students an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their ability to carry out and document a reasonably comprehensive project requiring considerable initiative, creative thought, and a good deal of individual responsibility, and it is the most important part of the MEng degree. Only when a proposal has been submitted to the Undergraduate Office do you officially have a thesis and a supervisor.

The thesis may be a design project, an analytical paper, or experimental work of a technical nature. However Anne Hunter's approval is required, not that of your supervisor. MEng students are expected to register for and make progress on their thesis in each of their graduate terms.

While many people will be willing to help you, the final responsibility is yours alone.

Even if you haven't been involved in a research group where you can do your thesis, it still isn't that hard to find a thesis.The Department's thesis deadline means that students who hand in theses after that date are not guaranteed that their final thesis grade will be posted in time for them to graduate that term.Students who hand in a thesis late may be able to graduate at Commencement but not have their names in the Commencement Book.Supervisors are encouraged to require early drafts, to provide criticism of the writing as well as the technical content, to require re-writes, and to insist that the final document conform to accepted standards of technical writing.The final grade should be based in part on the writing quality of the thesis.Students may use a thesis topic which suggested itself during their summer jobs, but they must have an M. It is particularly important for students interested in continuing for the Ph. Failure to submit a proposal after more than one term may result in removal from the MEng program. Students thinking about continuing directly into the Course VI Ph. program will find it strongly to their advantage to establish an early research relationship with EECS labs and faculty. Use the Faculty and Advisor listing to look for supervisors. program, you will want to avoid projects so remote from your current training that acquiring the necessary background will cause excessive delay. Do NOT wait until the week before the proposal deadline (the end of the first term of grad registration) to start writing it.The Writing and Communication Center and the EECS Communication Lab offers free consultation on writing issues.This academic year's deadlines are listed on the front page of this document.The scope of the MEng thesis may vary, but for a student taking classes and/or working as a Research or Teaching Assistant, the thesis usually takes between one and one and a half years, so that starting it as an undergraduate is vital for finishing MEng in a single graduate year, and advisable even if you're willing to take a year and a half to finish MEng. Unit adjustments can be made up to the last day of classes at the Course VI Undergraduate Office. The proposal should be submitted at the end of the senior year or during the summer, and no later than the first term of registration as a grad student.The thesis should be completed in no more than three graduate terms, not including summers. Students must be registered for thesis in the term in which they complete their thesis in order to receive a final grade. Failure to meet the proposal deadline will result in the permanent grade of "U" for Unsatisfactory Progress in 6. The proposal must be well-written and substantial (around ten pages, double-spaced, including references) and must be accompanied by a Thesis Proposal Cover Sheet. Th M is required from a thesis supervisor by the Undergraduate Office ONLY at thesis completion.


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