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One of the main character's last name is Burgess , A Clockwork Orange book's author is Anthony Burgess.Vampiiritapja Buffy: Help (2002) (TV Episode) Willow asks if Buffy thinks Cassie is some kind of "precog," a term popularized in the movie (and Philip K. Late Night with Seth Meyers: Wanda Sykes/Angie Harmon/Two Gallants (2015) (TV Episode) Seth compares Jimmy Fallon's management of the SNL anniversary afterparty to Tom Cruise working with holographic images in the film Future Man: Herpe: Fully Loaded (2017) (TV Episode) When Tiger says they want to kill Kronish, Josh objects by saying that he hasn't done anything wrong and that that is the whole point of "Minority Report".In addition, the airport scene shares similarities to a scene in MR, and both have similar plots about men wrongly accused trying to discover the truth.

The action of the movie takes place in the year 2045 one week before the vote for the National Precrime Initiative, which will determine whether police departments across the country will adopt precrime.Mõrvaennetajad: Pilot (2011) (TV Episode) In both stories the original goal is to prevent crime (called "pre-crime in the movie") before it happens. The Maltese Falcon (1941) Elisha Cook Jr's character wakes up and looks at the three main characters looking at him in the room with grim and determined faces as he knows he will be turned in, the same shot is use when John is caught by his coworkers in his ex-wife's house and looks at all three of their grim and determined faces.In these series, they use statistics and technology. North by Northwest (1959) Spielberg mentioned the reference in several interviews.Dick novel) Minority Report, which opened several months prior to the first airing of Help Time Splitters: Future Perfect (2005) (Video Game) the dispersion gun (basicly an energy shotgun) has the same warping effect that the wind up gun thing had, as well as a pumping action to change the gun after every shot Eluaegne: Did You Feel That? Vengeance (right before Spock is beamed down in pursuit), you can hear the sound of sirens of what seem to be emergency responders arriving to the scene (off-screen). Future Man: A Riphole in Time (2017) (TV Episode) At min Josh tells Tiger and Wolf that they can't kill Kronish because he hasn't done anything wrong yet and says "That's the whole point of Minority Report".(2008) (TV Episode) Crews and Reese are discussing with Captain Tidwell about Rawls going to kill Tins when he says:" We are not the future crime unit", referencing to the Precrime unit in Minority Report. Otse pimedusse (2013) During the first shot of Khan running through the city streets, after having crashed the U. The sound effect used is the same as the sound effect for the police hovercrafts in Minority Report, which was directed by Steven Spielberg, and was also set in the future. Anderton, armed with this new knowledge, searches for the deleted minority reports to prove his innocence.Anderton goes to a black market doctor to have his eyes removed and transplanted in order to avoid the city's renal recognition system.John Anderton has nothing to lose as he tries to solve the mystery of a crime he is going to commit.Ever since the loss of Sean, John has only been living for his dedication to Pre Crime, which he believes is a perfect system.She reveals to John that sometimes, one of the three Precogs, usually Agatha, produced a different vision than the other two.This would eventually be labeled as a "minority report" and upon its creation, it is deleted in order to keep it a secret in order to ensure the system's credibility.


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