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Issued and dispensed bulk fuels and water from storage and distribution facilities to using units.

Selected and submitted samples of petroleum, oils, and lubricants to laboratory for testing.

Applying for civilian jobs means you will have to use language people outside the military can understand.

For example, in the body paragraphs of your cover letter you will need to do some “translating” between military terms and civilian terms: Military terms: Received and stored bulk and package petroleum, oils, and lubricants products.

Your cover letter and résumé should work together to convince an employer to give you an interview.

It is good to have a cover letter even if you do not need one for a certain job.For example, in the body paragraphs of your letter you will need to “translate” your auto industry terms: Auto industry terms: Finished, prepared, and applied various materials, sub-finishes and final top coat paints to components, parts and complete vehicles in accordance with engineering drawings and manufacturer’s recommendations.Supervised and coordinated ten employees in automotive assembly and reviewed manufacturing processes and products for quality control.This gives you an opportunity to present a preview of your upcoming resume by focusing on key points of interest.Try to give exact examples of your accomplishments at your highlighted positions and be sure that the skills and experience you are highlighting correspond to the company’s needs.Employers use cover letters and résumés to see who can do a job.Employers also use cover letters to read about your past jobs.If you were incarcerated, be honest with the employer and talk about what you did while you were serving your sentence that may contribute to your job skills.For example, many prison systems offer General Education Development (GED) programs so inmates can receive the equivalent of a high school diploma.In the header, you give personal details such as name, address, phone number and e-mail.While in the inside address, include the name and address of the company to which you are sending the letter.


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