Microprocessor Assignment

One of the most straightforward ways is to make a table of the specified requirements to serve as a check-off list to include in your final documentation.

There are two lab assignments associated with this unit.

One should be able to determine where each line of software code is executed on the CFD graph.

The CFD is also useful during the testing phase to ensure that a scenario can be generated that causes the execution to transverse each path through the CFD.

Lab 1a is very limited in scope and complexity and focuses on defining the PIC32MX370 I/O pins as digital inputs or outputs in a tutorial-like fashion.

Lab 1b is more open-ended and asks the student to extend the knowledge gained in Lab 1a by using the slide switches, push buttons, and the 4-digit 7-segment The reader is expected to have acquired the basic knowledge of programming a computer in C.

Even a simple plan helps to guide the developer to design a system that meets the stated requirements.

Table 6.1 provides an outline of minimal tasks to complete the design process as is commonly done in industry.

Although some of these concepts may seem trivial at first, they are important in measuring the ability of a system to meet design requirements and specifications, and will be implemented throughout Units 1-7.

A software-based system consists of a collection of electrically interconnected electronic hardware components, some of which require programming using a computer language.


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