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The purpose of this chapter is to explain in detail the research methods and the methodology implemented for this study.

The purpose of this chapter is to explain in detail the research methods and the methodology implemented for this study.

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Initially the researcher also considered researching two groups of employees by comparison – one coming from an organisation where the performance management model is used, and another one, where this model is not used. This approach was overruled however, because it does not reflect the interactive nature of the model being studied in which managers and business leaders play crucial role.

For the purposes of this study, the writer had to examine two separate groups of participants.

A method of sampling has been used, as the relationships between different sub-groups had to be observed (Kirby et. Furthermore, a particular group of the total population was invited to the interviews, forming a sub-group of the original population.

Also, the participants were selected on the basis of specific criteria, such as company (organisation), where a particular type of model has been implemented.

Questionnaires were chosen for this research because they are a reliable and quick method to collect information from multiple respondents in an efficient and timely manner.

This is especially important when it comes to large projects, with several complex objectives, where time is one of the major constraints (Greenfield, 2002; Silverman, 2004; Bell, 2005).

Upon embarking on this research, the author initially considered focus groups and participant observation as possible research methods, due to the behavioural elements contained in this research..

However, because of time constraints and cost, these research methods were not opted for.

This study was no exception and questionnaires were a quick and effective way for the researcher to reach multiple respondents within several weeks.

A general disadvantage of the questionnaires however is their fixed and strict format, which eliminates the possibility for more in-depth or abstract observation (Bell, 2005; Sarantakos, 2013).


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