Media Studies Gcse Coursework

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She has now said that the deadline for coursework is March 28th - let me tell you about the coursework. Then I read something about a "cross media" investigation - isn't that unit 4?!? Who has done this assignment yet, and what exactly did you do? Now, we got in a radio DJ to help us produce our programme, which we have done with great success. She said it mustn't be more than 12 pages - what has to be marked though?

To me, there are 2 parts to all 3 tasks - creative and analytical. Therefore, we had to create a magazine cover for our creative task. We had to analyse two magazine covers, which I did. I've been doing as she says so far, as she is the one marking our coursework.

Now, I did my exam last year on Reality TV, getting 100%.

My teacher was pushing for me to go for the Double Award, but failed to inform me the amount of work needed for Unit 4. In one breath, she says we have to compare two methods of film promotion.

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Only NOW though has she realised that it might be two editions, not one. however, she's telling us we need to analyse our own magazines we created as well. I've now got to the point where I have 25 days left, and still not a bloody clue as to what we need to do.

I need all As and A*s to get a 100% scholarship at my school, and with 40% already in the bag, I must surely push for an A*.


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